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Field: Multilingual Tag List1.2.1r

The multilingual version of the classic Tag Field.

Field: Multilingual Checkbox1.0.1r

The multilingual version of Textbox field.

Encrypted Input1.2.1r

Encrypts text fields using mcrypt to keep them safe.


Simple frontend output caching with CacheLite.

Ajax Checkbox1.4.0r

Makes the checkbox field editable inline in the table publish view. Value is saved right away.

Select Box Link Field2.0.0r

Linking two sections together

Field Suppressor1.2r

Allows individual fields to be hidden in each section

pixelninjapixelninja6 extensions
Block user agent1.4.2r

XSL template and Regular Expression combined to help fight old browsers.


Add documentation to your backend

Just In Time (JIT) Image Manipulation2.0.0r

Image thumbnailer

Group Lock1.0.0r

Filters backend according to Author Groups

Subresource Integrity1.0.1r

A simple way to compute base64 encoded sha (256, 384, 512) of assets files used in `link` and `script` tags.

Email Template Manager7.3.0r

Emails need pages no more

michael-emichael-e6 extensions
Sym MarkItUp2.1r

adds markdown formatting shortcuts and custom functions

Field: Multilingual Image Upload2.0.2r

Multilingual version of the Image upload field.